Each service begins with a complimentary Meet & Greet so you and your pet can get to know me and see if I’m a good match. This typically takes place at your home so your pet can get used to me being there, and I can learn the locations of their food/leash/bedding etc.

The Meet & Greet is the perfect opportunity for you to ask any questions and to lay out your instructions and expectations. Together we will determine the appropriate number and times of services to curate the best custom care plan for your family. Pricing will be based on agreed upon services for your pet(s) and due at the time of booking. ($5 additional for weekend and $10 for holiday services.)

Strolls $20 30min

Got a dog who needs more of a run than a walk? We offer jogs, hikes as well as classic strolls and can accommodate high energy pups.

What if your dog like to stop and smell the roses… and the stop signs, fire hydrants, rocks, and every individual blade of grass?
Sniffing plays an important part in your dogs psychological well being and can be fulfilling stimulation, we are very patient and will take things at your dogs pace.
Each stroll is tailored specifically to your dog’s individual needs and customizable based on the given day.

Drop In Visits $20 30min

In home pet care, feeding, litter box changes, accident clean up, medication administration, indoor play and enrichment activities.

Overnight Sitting $75 8+ hours

Providing your pet with comforting companionship overnight in their home 9pm-7am. Includes unlimited potty breaks and cuddles, medication administration, breakfast fed in the morning and a mid-day drop-in visit.
(Ask about weekly packages!)

Extended Play/ Canine Enrichment $35 1 hour

Need more rigorous exercise? Chose an adventure hike or run, an outdoor activity like fetch, or agility cones. Enrichment activities like scent work, puzzles or puppy tuckering out time.

Feline or Small Animal Enrichment $20 30mins

Indulge your kitty’s needs for mental stimulation and physical activity. Cats who participate in active play daily tend to weigh less and be less destructive later.

This service is tailored to your kitty’s play style and engagement preferences. Includes treats, water bowl and litter box freshening. Most small mammals need at least 30 minutes outside of their environment daily. This allows them to sniff, explore, run mazes or jump around more freely in a larger space. Ask about our small critter home cleaning service, too!

Pet Taxi $25+Mileage up to 1 hour

Let us take your pet to the vet, groomer or other appointment safely, no need to miss work. Perfect solution for home bound or disabled pet owners.

Cat Grooming $20 30min

Includes nail trim, ear cleaning, waterless shampoo cleanse and brush out. Sani-trim for long hair cats +$5.

Poop Fairy Service $15 15min

Back yard poop scooping, so you don’t have to. Done with eco-friendly 100% biodegradable bags from recycled material. Optional: All natural patio cleaner is pet safe and enzymatic to rid outdoor surfaces of urine and feces odor.(+$5)

15 minutes extra $10 15min

*Add on Kitty play to any service.
*Need a longer walk today?
*More cuddles, please! *Extra Fairy Magic

Add a Pet $5 30min+

*Add a dog to the walk
* Add a pet to transport *Add an animal to care for during drop in

(Fee is based on species/ specific needs of the additional animal and whether they can be properly tended to in the time allotted to the original pet. Judgment will be made based on what is best for all of the animals involved. Example: Up to 3 cats may count as 1.)